Student Handbook

All new students please read the student handbook and return the signature page by the 2nd week of classes.

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Table of Contents:

Private Instruction

Group Classes

Large Ensembles

Recital Opportunities

Fees and Financial Assistance

Enrollment Process


Staff Directory/Contact Information


Private Instruction :

Children and adults at any skill level may register for private instruction on any band instrument, piano, voice, classical guitar. Curriculum for individual lessons is tailored specifically to the needs of each student. Since the study of a musical instrument is based on a steady progression of both intellectual and physical skills, it is strongly recommended students enroll for an entire semester (2- 8 week sessions) or a year (4- 8 week sessions.)

All students are responsible for obtaining their own instrument and must have an instrument before lessons begin. Piano students must have access to a piano on a daily basis. In addition, students are expected to purchase any music or method book recommended by the instructor. It should be understood that private students are required to practice faithfully and show improvement weekly. Lack of effort and preparation may result in parent contact and possible removal from the private studio.

Many parents ask for guidelines regarding when to begin formal music instruction for their children. In general, 1st or 2nd grade is a good time to begin traditional instruction on piano. By grades 5 - 6, most students are ready to begin study of woodwind, brass or percussion instruments. Voice instruction should generally wait until the teenage years. There are, of course, exceptions to all guidelines. Any adult may enroll in private instruction.

A complete list of private lesson options and instructors can be found on the Music Academy website:

Private lesson students are required to notify their instructor if they are unable to attend a lesson. Private instructors may have options for make-up lessons at their discretion.

Students enrolled in the Music Academy receive much more than a weekly lesson. All students are actively encouraged to expand their musical horizons by participating in as many Academy and community experiences as possible, many of which are completely free of charge. Private Instruction Fee(s) at the Music Academy includes:

  • Weekly private lesson

  • Access to a faculty of carefully selected professional musicians and educators

  • Evaluation at the end of each 8 week session

  • Recital opportunities

  • Community service performances

  • A place to meet and make friends with other music students in a supportive environment

Group Classes:

The study of music is far more than just learning how to sing or play an instrument. It includes the study of music history, musical styles, genres and forms, music theory and much more. The Music Academy offers a variety of classes to anyone interested in learning more about music.

All classes are subject to cancellation if sufficient enrollment is not met. Any group class and/or ensemble may be taken alone or in conjunction with private lessons.

A complete list of group class offerings, along with suggested age levels and meeting days can be found on the Music Academy website:

Large Performance Ensembles:

The Music Academy offers opportunities for instrumentalists and vocalists to participate in larger performance ensembles, such as Community Band, MAC Singers, Community Jazz Ensemble, and Community Singers. Participants in these ensembles will strengthen their music reading skill, their technical ability, and enjoy the act of performing music with others. Participants should be committed to excellent attendance at all rehearsals and performances. An 80% attendance rate is required to participate in performances unless other arrangements are approved by the Director of the ensemble prior to the beginning of the session.

A complete list of large performance ensembles can be found on the Music Academy website:

Recital opportunities:

Participants in private lessons and group classes are encouraged to participate in recitals at the conclusion of each 8 week session for friends, family, and for each other. Recital material will be coordinated by each instructor. Recital dates and locations will be announced at the beginning of each 8 week session.

Fees and Financial Assistance:

Private Instruction is $160 per 8 week session, or $20 per 30 minute weekly lessons.

Group Music Classes are for 4 or more students and are $120 per 8 week session, or $15 per 50 minute weekly classes

Group Theatre Classes are for 4 or more students and are $160 per 8 week session and each class meets for 50 minutes two times per week.

Large Ensembles not taken for college credit are $20 for the entire 8 week session and meet for 2 hours once per week.

All classes may be paid up front in full upon registration, or may be paid half up front with the remaining balance due at the halfway point in the session.

At this time, we have been able to partner with TRIO Talent Search that provides scholarship opportunities for qualifying families with students in 6th-12th grade. You may email to receive an application.

Enrollment Process:

Students will enroll through the Academy’s website. Enrollment will stay open for the coming session up to 2 days prior to the start of that session. Enrollment for the following session will open at week 4 during the current session. Payment may be made in full or may be made in two payments of half up front and half due at the 4 week period and will be paid online at time of registration. If alternative payment methods are needed, please contact Amanda Dement at for arrangements.

Mineral Area Music Academy Policies:

  • Attendance

Students are expected to attend weekly lessons and/or class sessions at the set time arranged with the instructor. Students should arrive on time in order to receive the full allotted time of instruction. The Music Academy reserves the right to refuse enrollment to students who have demonstrated a lack of interest or whose attendance has been inadequate.

  • Cancellation

Private students: Please CONTACT your teacher to cancel a lesson. Do not call the Music Academy office unless there is an emergency. Be sure to acquire your teacher’s contact information at the first lesson.

  • Snow Policy- The academy will cancel if Mineral Area College cancels due to inclement weather. Please look for announcements on the MAC website, or, or our Facebook page. We will use Remind and email notifications as well to inform you of cancelled classes due to weather. Classes may or may not be made up.

  • Make-up Lessons

The Music Academy follows the MAC calendar. Make-ups may or may not be given on days the college is closed.

Make-up lessons can be arranged at the discretion of the instructor.

Any lesson canceled by the instructor will be made up.

  • Appropriate Behavior

Parents are responsible for the behavior of their children at all times while on the campus of Mineral Area College. MAC is an academic complex and students will be expected to act accordingly. It is always best if young Music Academy students are accompanied to lessons or classes by a parent or guardian. In instances where this is not possible, students should be dropped off and picked up no more than five minutes before or after a lesson/class. If an unaccompanied child behaves inappropriately, the Music Academy will require the student be supervised by a parent or guardian. In serious cases, a student’s enrollment may be canceled.

Food/drink is only allowed in the lobby area of the Fine Arts Building. Water in a closable container is allowed. The Music Academy has access to the Fine Arts Wing ONLY. Please do not venture off and explore other areas of the campus. Keep in mind college classes will be in session.Please do not remove any equipment/items that are the property of Mineral Area College.

  • Drop off/Pick Up and Entrance to Music Academy: You may park in

lot D or E and enter to the right of the theatre in the glass breezeway. There will be signs to help guide you as well as a personal tour guide to take you to class for the first week. If you have a child attending under the age of 12, we strongly encourage you to walk them to class the first couple of weeks and stay on campus until their class is over, if at all possible. This is only necessary while they get used to their teachers and surroundings. Please be punctual for arrival and pick up. We will have a guide bring the students back to the breezeway to meet their parents during the first 2 weeks of class.

There is limited space for family members, siblings to wait while their student is attending a lesson/class. You may use the QUAD garden as a waiting area and limited seating is available in the halls and lobby areas in the Fine Arts building. Please do not arrive earlier than 15 minutes prior to class and have arrangements for prompt pick up. Out of an abundance of caution, we must have the pick up form filled out before classes begin for any student under the age of 18. This will tell us who has your permission to pick up your child. Proof of ID may be necessary.

  • Electronic Use Policy - In an effort to ensure that the Music Academy can provide an effective learning environment and maintain its high level of academic integrity, there must be certain limitations placed on specific types of electronic devices inside MAC classrooms. At the same time, it is also understood that some instructors may require usage of these same devices. The following devices should not be in view or used inside the classroom without instructor approval: • Cell phones • Tablets • Laptop computers • Mp3 players and other audio devices • PDAs • Personal gaming systems • Cameras • Camcorders • Audio recording devices • Any other electronic device deemed unnecessary by the instructor.

  • Computer and Network Systems Policy - Use of MAC computer systems and access to computer networks are services made available solely to further the mission of Mineral Area College. Commercial use is prohibited. Users must respect the privacy of others at all times. Users should not access the private files or communications of others. Downloading copyrighted materials is prohibited. Game playing by users is prohibited unless assigned as part of a class and done during approved hours. Abusive or threatening conduct or language is forbidden. Music Academy participates found in violation of any of these policies will lose all computer privileges, and will be referred to the Music Academy Director.

  • Alcohol, Drug Abuse Policy - All Music Academy participants must adhere to all applicable state and local laws and college regulations related to the sale and use of alcoholic beverages and other drugs. The consumption, possession, or sale of alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs is strictly forbidden on campus. Anyone under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs shall be subject to disciplinary action, up to and including being dropped from the Music Academy.

  • Tobacco Free Policy - Mineral Area College recognizes its role in promoting and maintaining a tobacco-free environment. Consumption of all tobacco products will be prohibited on all properties owned or leased by the college including, but not limited to, facilities, buildings, parking lots, common areas, vehicles, and athletic areas. Tobacco use is prohibited at all performances and athletic events sponsored by the Mineral Area Fine Arts Academy. Smoking means inhaling, exhaling, burning, carrying or possessing any lighted tobacco product. Tobacco products include cigarettes, cigars, pipe tobacco, snuff, chewing tobacco, smokeless pouches, any form of loose-leaf smokeless tobacco, and the use of electronic cigarettes or any device intended to simulate smoking.

  • Dress Code i Students should wear clothing that doesn’t express violence or vulgarity. Any attire that is a distraction to the class or purpose of the educational experience may be addressed by the instructor and/or academy director after the parent is notified.

MAFAA Calendar for 2022-2023

Fall Session 1

Baby Boomer Reunion Concert

August 5-6

Centene Center

Fall Session 1 Begins

August 22

Fall Theater Production

September 29-October 1, 7PM

MAC and Community Singers Fall Concert

October 7, 7PM

Fall Session 1 Ends

October 13

Fall Jazz Concert

(Community Jazz Ensemble and Kicks Band)

“Night of Jazz”

October 20, 7pm

Fall S1 Solo Recital

October 14


Fall S1 Group Recital

October 16, 2PM

Community Band Fall Concert Dress Rehearsal

October 21, 7PM

Centene Center

Community Band Fall Concert

October 22, 7PM

Centene Center


Fall Session 2

Fall Session 2 Begins

October 17

Thanksgiving Break

November 21-25

Winter Theater Production Dress Rehearsals

November 29, 30 at 7PM

Winter Theater Production

December 1, 2, 3, 4

MAC and Community Singers Winter Concert Dress Rehearsal

December 8, 7PM

MAC and Community Singers Winter Concert

December 9, 7PM

Community Band Dress Rehearsal

December 12, 7PM

Community Band Winter Concert

December 13, 7PM

Community Jazz/Kicks Winter Dress Rehearsal

December 14, 7PM

Community Jazz/Kicks Winter Concert

December 15, 7PM

Fall Session 2 Ends

December 15

Fall S2 Solo Recital December

December 15, 6PM

Fall S2 Group Recital

December 17, 2PM

Spring Session 1

Spring Session 1 Begins

January 16

Tentative First Spring Theater Production Dress Rehearsals

February 20, 21-6 PM

Tentative First Spring Theater Production

February 23-25, 7 PM

MAC and Community Singers Dress Rehearsal

March 2, 7PM

MAC and Community Singers Concert

March 3, 7PM

Community Band Dress Rehearsal

March 6, 7PM

Community Band Concert

March 7, 7PM

Spring Session 1 Ends

March 9

Spring S1 Solo Recital

March 10, 6PM

Spring S1 Group Recital

March 12, 2PM

Spring Break

March 13-17

Jazz Festival

March 17, 18

All Day

MAC and Community Singers Dessert Theater

March 24, 6PM



Spring Session 2

Spring Session 2 Begins

March 20

Tentative Second Spring Theater Rehearsal

April 25, 26-6 PM

Tentative Second Spring Theater Show

April 27-30

7 PM

MAC and Community Singers Dress Rehearsal

May 4, 7PM

MAC and Community Singers Concert

May 5, 7PM

Community Band Dress Rehearsal

May 8, 7PM

Community Band Concert

May 9, 7PM

Spring Session 2 Ends

May 11

Spring S2 Solo Recital

May 13, 6PM

Spring S2 Group Recital

May 14, 2PM

Community Jazz/Kicks Dress Rehearsal

May 17, 7PM

Community Jazz/Kicks Concert

May 18, 7PM