The Need

  • Our area currently has no fully equipped facility or program to support community fine arts education.

  • With the large population of homeschool students currently at over 200, and the great losses public school fine arts programs have suffered due to the pandemic, there is a need to close the gap and offer accessible instruction to the students of our community.

  • With the halt of Fine Arts programs in our community college, there is an even greater need to meet the needs of the adult population of our area.

  • Without a working Fine Arts Program at MAC, how do we continue to promote Fine Arts in the community with educational experiences for the general population?

The Solution

  • A fully equipped facility that will house multiple small classes and large ensembles to provide small group teaching as well as providing resources to recover the MAC Fine Arts performance groups.

  • Small group classes that will provide affordability for families and will provide generous dividends to the instructor..

  • Public recitals, private and public concerts/performances will bring visitors to the MAC campus and build rapport with students, families and community members.

  • Instruction will encompass theatre, vocal and instrumental music and in the near future, visual art.