Mike Ramsey

Mike Ramsey of Farmington has been playing drums since 13. He began playing venues with groups at the age of 16. His most recent collaboration is with Sweetwater Holler, featuring Justin and Julia Dill. Other works have included projects with Sam Hadel and Jason Church from Ste. Genevieve, and B.J. Vilmer from House Springs. He's played in Main Express with Gary Renshaw, James Joy, and Stanley Vance. And he's also played original songs with Foolish Pleazure led by the late Mark 'Sugar Bear" Elsworth. Mike has played in GTO out of Desot,o and Zero Tolerance from Ste. Genevieve. He's played with Paul Hogenmiller and Steve Wright at the Sandbar in Ste. Genevieve, and also played with his own groups at Papa's Winery, Crown Winery, and Crown Brewery. He's worked with the classic rock band NightShift and was part of a music ministry with the gospel group The Book of Ruth. His equipment includes a 4-piece drum kit from Sonor Drums, the AQ2. Mike also plays a Roland Cajon and a Roland Octapad used as a mini drum set. He uses the Octapad for its nearly 1000 sounds and ways it can reproduce, or create, the needed percussion for whatever style the situation needs. Mike is currently the News Director for KFMO and B104 radio stations in Park Hills.