Private Music Instruction

Private Music Instruction

The academy is structured in 8-week sessions. Our focus is small groups and ensembles, though we do 

provide some private lessons as well.   If you are interested in a private lesson, please email the instructor below to gain more information on their studio availability and requirements.  Students that are accepted into the private studios will be billed for their lessons the first week of each session.  Your private teacher will explain that process.

Students enrolled in the Music Academy receive much more than a weekly lesson.  All students are actively encouraged to expand their musical horizons by participating in as many Academy and community experiences as possible, many of which are completely free of charge.  Private Instruction Fee(s) at the Music Academy includes:

For more information, questions, and to register for individual lessons please email the chosen instructor below.  Private instructors do their own registrations and students will be billed during the first lesson or payment may be brought to the first lesson via check.  If you need any assistance, email

Staff bios can be found HERE.

View the Private Lesson Contract at the bottom of this page.

Double Reed 

Linda Huck  


Marilyn Moore



Amanda Dement 

 Dennis Mayberry 



Sandy Stoeckel 


F Horn

Aaron Fox 




 Melody Francis 



Andy Novara 

Drum Set and Percussion 

Mike Ramsey  

 Joshua Polite 

Nathan O'Neal


Marilyn Moore

Isaac Hallock 


Isaac Hallock 


Sherry Francis 

Isaac Hallock 

Abigail Hallock 


Private Lesson Agreement  

Mineral Area Fine Arts Academy

Name (print)_______________________________________________________________________ Address____________________________________________________________________________ 

Phone-Home____________________________ Work______________________________________ Cell_______________________________ 

Email __________________________________________ 

Student Email (optional)_____________________________________________________________ 

Day & Time of Lesson ________________________________________________________________ 

Teacher Contact Information:

Lesson Policies 

Please read these policies carefully. You are expected to uphold the conditions of this policy statement  without exception.  

1. The 8-week session fees are as follows: 

$160.00 for ½ hour weekly lessons  

$320.00 for hour weekly lessons 

2. Fees are due for the entire session at or by the first lesson of the month. In-studio payment must  be cash, check, or through the Mineral Area Fine Arts Academy website. Please make checks  payable to Mineral Area Fine Arts Academy.  Students may also opt to pay half of the fee upfront and the other half NO LATER than week 5 of the 8-week session.

3. The Mineral Area Fine Arts Academy determines lesson rates and may be subject to change. 4. There will be no refunds offered under any circumstances.  

5. Unplanned Absences. If you cannot attend a lesson, it is your responsibility to contact the 

instructor. You must give at least 24 hours notice to avoid being charged for the lesson. No  shows or cancellations made less than 24 hours prior to the lesson time will result in a forfeiture  of the fee for that day. A makeup lesson may be offered, but is not guaranteed and must be  planned within a week of the missed lesson.  

6. Planned absences. If you know more than 24 hours in advance that you will be unable to  attend the lesson at the regularly scheduled time please contact the instructor to schedule a  makeup lesson. Makeup lessons will be offered at the instructor's convenience and must be  planned within a week of the missed lesson.  

7. If the instructor cancels a lesson, there will be NO LOSS to the student. A makeup  lesson will be offered for no additional charge to the student. 

8. Students are responsible for bringing their instruments, music, notebooks, shoulder rests, and  any other pertinent materials to all lessons. It is also the student's responsibility to purchase  new materials as they are needed.  

9. Students must practice daily and be prepared for lessons. 

By signing this statement, you are demonstrating your understanding and agreement to abide by studio  payment policies and procedures.  

I understand and agree to follow the above-stated policies. 

Signed_________________________________________ (person responsible for tuition)

Fall Session 1: August 21-October 12

Fall Session 2: October 16- December 15 (No lessons the week of Thanksgiving)

Spring Session 1: January 15-March 7 (No lessons the week of March 11)

Spring Session 2: March 18-May 9