Fall Session 1 Classes and Ensembles

Welcome to the Fall 2022 Semester at MAFAA!

Each class is an 8-week course and we always conclude each session with a recital! Please check our events page for dates to watch for!

Most classes participate in the 8 week recital, while some classes may choose to wait to participate in the recital at the 16 week mark.

It is strongly recommended that students prepare to enroll again for the 2nd 8 week term and take the class for a full semester. All of these classes will be continued for the entire 2022-2023 academic session which allows all classes to meet for 4- 8 week terms!

Please read the student handbook to learn more about our policies. This is required for all students. Once registered, you may sign the waiver stating you have read and understand the student handbook.

Registration opens on August 6. If you are a NEW student, we highly recommend that you attend an in-person registration date from the list below, but we also welcome returning students to do the same! If you cannot attend a date posted for registration, please email Amanda Dement at mineralareama@gmail.com or call 573-518-2265

Fall Session 1 dates are August 22-October 13.

See you SOON!!!

A few videos from our Folk Music course offerings by Mr. Andy Novara